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Help! The Google Mini Search Server is now obsolete.

Read how Trovo helped Leicester City Council to migrate their Google website search into The Cloud.

In February 2013, Trovo completed the migration of Leicester City Council's website search from a Trovo-supported Google Mini Search Server (hosted at The Council) to Google Site Search (hosted in The Cloud).

Trovo were aware of this change of policy from Google and were able to migrate from one system to the other with only a few days onsite intervention, thanks to the implementation of Trovo Enhanced Site Search™ (TESS).

The Web Team at Leicester City Council is a lean team, and they had major project about to start, so there was only a small window available within which to complete the migration. The Web Team also have a heavy load of daily maintenance and customer service work to execute, too, so Trovo had to ensure that interruptions were kept to a minimum.

Leicester City Council was an early adopter of the EasySite Content Management System from EIBS. Through the implementation of TESS, Trovo were able to deliver a highly flexible and re-usable site search that integrated fully with EasySite.

If you want to see how it works, you can try out their migrated search system by visiting Leicester City Council's search page.

How Trovo ensured a success

To ensure the migration was a success, Trovo:

  1. Worked with Leicester City Council to define requirements for their new search. This involved analysing the usage patterns of their Google Mini, and reviewing the design of their existing search. From this, we were able to prioritise the features their new search would need and build a project plan and a suite of User Acceptance Tests (UATs).
  2. Used The Council's existing search usage data, the UATs, and our Trovo Enhanced Site Search™ Diagnostic Suite, to produce a set of mock search data to create realistic tests with. This allowed us to integrate TESS with EasySite before the Google Site Search Cloud subscription was setup, and allowed us to test the system without using any of the "real" queries that Google charge for. This saved The Council money.
  3. Learned enough about EasySite to be able to develop the integration code offsite. (This was made easier because EasySite is based on .Net, and was thus straightforward for Trovo to build a plugin using their extensive .Net experience).
  4. Wrapped the EasySite integration work in a comprehensive set of automated tests using Selenium and the UATs created at the start of the project. When all the tests had passed in The Council's test environment, the development work was complete. (This also provided an opportunity to show The Council's Web Team a few Selenium tricks, too).
  5. Used the Trovo Google Mini Migration Toolkit to transform the configuration settings from the now-obsolete Google Mini and import them into the new Google Site Search account in a matter of minutes.
  6. Finally, helped Leicester City Council's Web Team to deploy the new system to live, and to decommission the old Mini server.

Trovo and Leicester City Council – a long-running relationship

Trovo used to support the outgoing Mini server, too, so this migration was just the latest episode in the long-running relationship between the Trovo team and Leicester City Council, which began in 2006 with a De Montfort University spin-out company.

Dave Gerrard, Trovo's Technical Director, said: "I know what it's like to lead an extremely busy development team with a high volume of daily maintenance and support work, so I'm well aware of how important good planning, realistic testing based on actual user activity, and minimal disruption to the team's daily work are."

"A lot of hard lessons learned at the coal-face have gone into the design of Trovo Enhanced Site Search™, to make it as easy as possible to plan for, integrate, test and deploy as possible. It's a product that's built for busy web teams, for whom there aren't enough hours in the day".

Why not find out more about Trovo Enhanced Site Search™, and then contact Trovo to find out how they can help you migrate from your old Google Mini (or any other website search system) to The Cloud?