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Trovo Enhanced Site Search

Effective website search lowers costs and increases revenue.

Good site search helps customers serve themselves, find the goods, and aids both cross and up-selling.

If the search box was an afterthought when you built your site, ita€?s hitting your bottom line... But Trovo Enhanced Site Search can fix it.

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Trovo Enterprise search

The time your team spends searching for information is unproductive and is a lost cost to your enterprise.

Not being able to find vital information lessens staff effectiveness, and can lead to expensive and embarrassing mistakes.

Trovo can apply its Enterprise Search expertise to help fix these problems.

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We all rely on searching a vast array of web-based data. As the data grows, searching through it all becomes more important and harder.

Use Trovo (think "treasure trove") as your search guide.

Both your public website and staff intranet must have search that's easy to use.

Trovo can help you make it easier for your customers and staff to find what they are looking for.

Our rationale

Has the search function on your site or intranet been given as much attention as the rest of the design?

So often search is an afterthought, when it should be a central concern and be considered throughout any design project.

Trovo Enhanced Site Search has been developed to help you deliver the very best experience for customers searching your website.

Help! Google have made the Mini Search Server obsolete.

But... we have a solution! Find out how Trovo helped Leicester City Council to migrate their Google Mini search into The Cloud, seamlessly. More >

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Why Trovo?

Trovo Logo

Trovo is a specialist search consultancy. We help organisations get their information found quickly and effectively.

Trovo had its genesis in Data Perspective Ltd; a De Montfort University spin-out also specialising in search technology.

Leicester City Council website search page

We are based in Leicestershire, East Midlands, UK and began trading in 2008.

Our clients include Leicester City Council and we have a unique local experience in configuring and supporting Google and SharePoint-based search solutions.

Google Enterprise Search Appliance for enterprise intranet search

We are trained in Google Enterprise Search technology and have years of SharePoint, .Net and general web development experience.

We are QA and clean-code experts, too.